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Head Office (Nonsan Plant)

SG Choongbang founded in 1954, has led spinning industry with long tradition & high quality and has gradually grown by receiving the trust from customers. At the peak times, we used to operate 600,000 spindles at total 3 factories (located in Daejeon, Cheonan, Yesan) and Thanks to the new equipments & clean manufacturing environment of Nonsan new plant which opened in Jan.2008, we have manufactured very qualified products and increased market share by supplying them for domestic and foreign customers.

Head Office (Nonsan Plant)

1) Address : Jiha45-18, Yangji-gil, Yeonmu-eup, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

  • TEL : +82-41-740-2104
  • FAX : +82-41-740-2120

2) Date of Establishment : Dec.22.1954

3) Opening Date of current Plant : JAN.2008

4) Plant Overview

Site Area 56,980.7 M² Area of Factory Building 22,566 M²
No. of Employees 142 No. of Spinning Spindles 40,320
Main products Spun Yarns (Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss, TENCEL®, ProViscose®)
Blended Yarns (Cotton/Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss, Cotton/TENCEL®,
Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss/Polyester, ProViscose®/Cotton etc.)
Specialized Yarns
(High Twisted yarn, SLUB yarn, SMATRICH, Natural Fiber Blended Yarn etc.)

5) Major Duties

  • Personnel & General Affairs and Factory Management
  • Production (Spun Yarn/Blended Yarn) and delivery & shipment
  • Accounting / Settlement
  • Public Announcement / IR

6) Location Map