Specialized Yarns
Specialized Yarns

Specialized Yarns

1) High twist yarn

  • Yarn produced through excessive twisting in spinning machine / applicable to almost all fibers
  • When twisted tightly, the yarn becomes stronger with reduced inner air in a limited space. As a result,
    it feels as light as hemp when worn, making it highly suited to ramie clothes and summer sweaters.

2) SLUB yarn

  • The yarn has both thick and thin section created by changing the revolution speed of the spinning draft roller.
  • With the quality of natural fiber and improved dyeing, it is used in manufacturing casual wear, jacket and pants.
  • Type of product
    Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss SLUB (NE30/1 ~ NE40/1)
    Cotton/Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss SLUB (NE20/1 ~ NE40/1)
    TENCEL® (STANDARD) SLUB (NE30/1 ~ NE40/1)


  • Using a spinning machine, two yarns are twisted into a single thread.
  • Decrease in hairness with improved strength, glossiness and dyeing property

4) Natural fiber blended yarn

  • Flax & ramie / cotton
    Good thermal conductivity, maintains coolness due to rapid moisture absorption & emission
  • Wool / Cotton
    Usually used in production of premium materials with great heat-retaining and hygroscopic properties and soft, wrinkle-free features
  • Silk / Cotton
    Soft, glossy and hygroscopic and refreshing Used in production of various products such as necktie, scarf, jacket and shirts