Quality Assurance

In all products, quality is a decisive factor in product value. Therefore, we have performed quality control on all materials from raw materials to final yarn product in a scientific & systematic manner.
Using the below mentioned testing machines, we have always regarded the best quality as our top priority to keep manufacturing high-quality products and achieve customer satisfaction.

Electric Balance EL-120HA Weight test All processes
Grain Balance EK-120A Count & Weight test All processes
Drying Oven Measurement of Moisture Raw cotton, Yarn
AFIS Tester AFIS PRO Cotton Analysis test Raw cotton, Carding
Evenness Tester Uster Tester 3 Measurement of yarn
Carding, Winding
Wrap Block HS-237 Measurement of sliver
& roving length
Drawing, Roving
Roving Strength Tester CAPA Measurement of
roving strength
Single Strength Tester Tensorapid 3 Measurement of
yarn strength
Spinning, Winding
Yarn Fault Classifying Installation Classimat 2.1 Yarn fault test Spinning, Winding
Twist Counter 1200 rpm Counting Twist Spinning, Winding
Wrap Reel HS-203 Measurement of
yarn length
Spinning, Winding
Yarn Hairness Tester G-565 Yarn hairness test Spinning, Winding
Yarn Inspector 5-Position Yarn Spinning, Winding
Thermo-Hygrostat HT-A 10GG2 Temperature /
Humidity control
Testing Lab
Optical Microscope Optiphot-2 Ingredient Analysis Yarn, Textile
Video Microscope PICO Defects Analysis Yarn, Textile


혼타면 (Blowing) 소면 (Carding) 코마준비 (Lap Former) 정소면 (Comber) 혼타면 (Blowing) 소면 (Carding) 연조 1P (Drawing 1st Pass) 연조 2P (Drawing 2nd Pass) 연조 3P (Drawing 3rd Pass) 조방 (Roving) 정방 (Spinning) 권사 (Winding)